Trans POW!er


Working with Trans clients is a gift, and a process that benefits from great consultation.  I have knowledge, training, and clinical experience specific to the trans community, and am a Certified Transgender Care Therapist through ITCA, the International Transgender Certification Association.

I identify as a cis-gender female, and use she/her/hers pronouns.

Working with Clients who have a Trans Loved One

People seek out therapy for a lot of reasons.  Learning a friend or loved one is exploring their gender identity and expression can bring up questions, fears, worries, hope, shame, and sometimes even lead people to be curious about their own gender history.  If you’re helping clients navigate having a trans loved one and would like some more guidance, reach out for consultation.

Working with Trans Clients

I have heard too many stories where transgender folks have had miserable, upsetting, and traumatic interactions with medical doctors and mental health professionals.  I have made it a focus of my work that trans clients feel safe, free of judgement, and welcome to be fully who they are in therapy.  If you are looking for guidance to better work with trans clients, or complete an assessment or informed consent letter for a client, reach out today for consultation. 

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