Trans POW!er


Whether you’re looking for a long term therapist, or just someone to do your transition-related mental health or informed consent assessment, I want to meet you where you are.  I have knowledge and training specific to the trans community, and am a Certified Transgender Care Therapist through ITCA, the International Transgender Certification Association.

I identify as a cis-gender female, and use she/her/hers pronouns.

If you care about someone who is transgender

People seek out therapy for a lot of reasons.  Learning that your friend or loved one is exploring their gender identity and expression can bring up questions, fears, worries, hope, shame, and sometimes even lead people to be curious about their own gender history.  Whether you’re struggling with the transition of someone you care about, or just want to talk to someone you don’t have to educate, I can help.  Reach out to schedule an appointment today.

If you are transgender

No matter if you have been living in your true identity for years, or are just starting to explore or question your gender assigned at birth, I welcome you with open arms.  I have heard many stories where transgender folks have had miserable, upsetting, and traumatic interactions with medical doctors and mental health professionals.  I have made it a focus of my work that you feel safe, free of judgement, and welcome to be fully who you are in my office.  If you are looking for a therapist to complete an assessment or informed consent letter, see below for more information.  If you just want to work with a therapist that understands transgender-related issues and information, even if you’re not coming in to focus on that area of your life, reach out today to schedule an appointment.

For transgender assessment/informed consent/referral letters, I work with people who are 18+.

I adhere to the WPATH (Word Professional Association for Transgender Health) Standards of Care.

The assessment/informed consent process is typically between two to four 90 minute sessions, depending on your needs and situation. We will discuss your options together, and make sure we develop a plan that meets your goals.  If issues, concerns, or areas for further exploration are identified during the assessment process, additional therapy sessions with me or another provider may be necessary before a letter can be completed.

If you require a letter, we will complete it together during your final assessment session.

If necessary and requested, a completed letter will be sent to the medical or mental health providers that you indicate.  A signed release of information is required for each provider.  If you need updated letters, or additional/other letters, please schedule an appointment.

I work to minimize the gatekeeping aspect of mental health providers to the transition process, while recognizing that the system in which we are currently working typically requires some type of mental health contact.  Comprehensive assessments include gaining information about your life, gender, and sexual histories, gender goals, pros/cons of gender-related diagnoses, your understanding of the risks and benefits of different interventions, and the impact of interventions on your mental and physical health, reproduction options, relationships, and other areas of your life.

If there are areas of concern in your assessment, or areas you would like to explore further, I will work with you to engage in a therapeutic process that helps you reach your goals (or refer you to a provider who will).  Additional therapy or services outside of the initial assessment are charged at the noted individual/relationship/family therapy rates.

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