Parasocial Relationships, Fandoms & Social Media for Therapists

Draw on the strengths, interests, and resources of your clients by tapping into their parasocial relationships, fandoms, and social media use!

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This video provides a brief overview of these concepts, along with a few ideas about integrating them into the therapy process.

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Here are some questions you might ask clients as a jumping off point to explore their parasocial relationships, fandoms, and social media use. The list is by no means all-encompassing! I hope you will take the questions and make them your own, following your own curiosities from a place of competency and non-judgement.

In the video I reference self and co-regulation exercises that can weave in the power of parasocial relationships, fandoms, and social media. Here is a worksheet I put together to explore regulation options with clients.

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Parasocial Grief

Want to consult about geeky therapy or integrating parasocial relationships, fandoms, or social media into therapy? Reach out today! I’d love to hear from you.

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