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Mental health touches every life in some way or another, and we nerds are no exception.  In fact, some research suggests that mental health issues are even more prevalent in the geek community.   Challenges related to anxiety, loneliness and isolation, trauma, bullying, depression, shame, and general feelings of disconnectedness are common.  Even with technology at our finger tips, and with the ability to connect to people across the globe, we can feel more and more desperate, secluded, anxious, unmotivated, stressed, alone, and unhappy.  Luckily, therapy and other resources can help.

As a nerd/geek myself, I know the difficulty in finding a voice, identity, and group where it can feel safe, accepting, and fun to be your authentic self.

POW! Psychotherapy is a place where you will find:

  • Body and weight positivity
  • Queer celebration
  • Intersectional feminism
  • Sex positivity
  • Kink friendly
  • Poly welcoming
  • Radical acceptance

If it’s a part of your experience, on your mind, or in your heart, you can bring it here.

Even though I may not get every nerdy or geeky reference, I understand what it’s like to be part of a nerdy/geeky/fandom subculture.  Whether you’re a gamer, meme lord, are prepared to go down with all your ships, have a passion for comics or science, or anything in between, you have a mental health home at POW! Psychotherapy.

Issues for Geeks

In addition to things that have already been mentioned, I have found a few areas that come up frequently for many of my nerdy/geeky clients.  I have had specialized education, training, and experience in helping clients navigate, heal wounds, and resolve challenges related to these issues.


Anxiety is present for all of us sometimes.  We nerds tend to have our own style of anxiety, where we lean towards over-achievement, social discomfort, and obsessive or compulsive tendencies.  If it is starting to feel like anxiety is interfering with your enjoyment of things, or connections with people, or you’re just sick of it and ready to try something else, I can help.


If you’re questioning or identify in the spectrum of LGBTQIA+, you have a place at POW! Psychotherapy.  I am particularly passionate about working with people who identify as bisexual, pansexual, and asexual, as I see how those voices are often silenced, ignored, and shamed, even within the broader queer community.  I also specialize in working with transgender people, and their family, friends, and loved ones.  If you’re looking for an affirming therapist you don’t have to educate, get in touch to schedule today.


I work with an abundance of clients who identify as poly and/or kink, and consider it a sub-specialty. Unlike some therapists, you will not need to spend time educating me on dynamics or details, hiding or censoring parts of yourself, convincing me your “lifestyle” is “valid,” or worrying about judgement and monogamistic moralizing. If that sounds like the vibe you’re looking for, get in touch today.


Furries are some the of most misunderstood folks in the fandom and geek worlds (not to mention broader society), and that can make it even harder to reach out for help. I’ve got your back! Not only do have a lot of experience working with furry clients, I am involved in clinical and academic research related to the community.


The shock, confusion, opposition, and shaming that can come from identifying as atheist can be fierce.  Whether you’re just looking for a therapist who will sit with you without judgement, or you’re experiencing distress related to your identity, beliefs, or past religious/spiritual experiences, reach out today.

Childless by Choice

Many are surprised to hear about the stigma that people, and in particular, people who were assigned female at birth, face when they decide not to reproduce or raise children.  If you are looking for a counselor who truly understands the pressure, bullshit, and inequality that comes from remaining child-free, reach out to schedule with me today.

Birth Trauma/Postpartum/New Parenthood

The pregnancy and birth experience can be difficult for all of the partners and people involved.  Birth trauma and postpartum issues are some of the worst and most unexpected surprises for new parents.  I have had intensive training and experience working with people and families who are new to parenthood, and dealing with the impacts of birth trauma and perinatal mood disorders.  I can help you recover from the shame, sadness, and darkness, and reclaim yourself and your story.

The transition to parenthood can also be difficult as you make time and resource sacrifices to care for your child.  A lot of new parents can feel resentful, and even jealous of their child, as they lose out on time with their significant other, or can’t engage as much or at all with friends, or in their hobbies, passions, or pastimes.  This is common, and even “normal,” and it is still surprising, jolting, and distressing for many.  If this is where you are, I can help.

Check out my blog for more info on geek issues in therapy!

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