Fan Convention Programming

Want to take your convention to the next level by increasing attendance, generating more income, and improving attendee and talent experiences?

Why does this matter?

  • You’re leaving money on the table.
    • Fans want to attend your conventions. Mental health issues, such as anxiety, are a common barrier. Help fans feel supported and less anxious about attending your convention by integrating and advertising mental health programming.
    • There are therapists and mental health organizations who could benefit from marketing to your attendees. Network and partner with them to advertise and purchase booth space from you, while also providing the added benefit of their presence to your attendees.
  • Get with the times. We’re breaking the stigma of mental health, and your conventions can play an important role.
  • Improve attendee and talent experiences at conventions by addressing mental health issues and providing supportive resources.

Work with Ashley to:

  • Integrate structured mental health programming at your conventions.
    • Education and skills demos during intermissions or breaks
    • Mental health related panels (general or themed)
    • Breakout workshops with mental health/coping/self-care focus
    • Group meditations or yoga
  • Have mental health providers at your conventions.
    • “Roaming” or on-call mental health providers to assist staff and attendees with in-the-moment issues (panic attacks, locked knees, overwhelm, etc.)
    • Attend to talent needs around fan interactions
    • Crisis and suicide prevention resource lists and materials to distribute
  • Promote mental health resources in merchant areas.
    • Generate additional income through mental-health specific merchant booths and advertising
    • Increase attendee activity and resource options

Ready to take your conventions to the next level? Get in touch today.

What others say about working with Ashley:

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