Learn about how I work with nerds, geeks, misfits, and others who feel outside of the mainstream.

Geek POW!er

I am a geek/nerd at heart, and started POW! Psychotherapy to reach others who march to their own drummers.  Learn about ways I work with my fellow geeks.

Healing POW!er

I have a specialty in working with all types of trauma.  Learn about my approach to helping clients restore feelings of peace and balance by working through difficult memories and trauma symptoms.

Relationship POW!er

I love working with all kinds of relationships, from roommates to sexual partners, and everything in between.  Learn about my approach to helping people find more empathy, compassion, and connection in their relationships.

Trans POW!er

Learn about how I work with transgender clients, and family and friends of those who have transgender loved ones.

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