EMDR Consultation

Notice: All services are currently being provided online only.

I am an EMDRIA Certified EMDR Therapist, and a Consultant-in-Training.

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I work with those seeking EMDR consultation for:

*General use of EMDR
*EMDR Basic Training
*EMDRIA Certification

As a Consultant-in-Training, I am able to provide up to 15 hours of consultation to EMDR trained clinicians working toward Certification. Certification requires 20 hours of consultation total, so working with a Consultant-in-Training can be a great financial investment.

Note: If you are seeking consultation to meet your Basic Training requirements, your training provider will need to approve our work together.

Consultation Rates

Individual: $120.00 per hour
Dyad: $80.00 per hour
Group: $40.00 per hour

What is a Consultant-in-Training?

Consultants-in-Training (CIT) are fully Certified EMDR Therapists with EMDRIA, and provide the required consultation to other therapists seeking EMDRIA Certification. They work with an Approved Consultant to guide and provide feedback during a process called consultation-of-consultation, ensuring quality services for consultees.

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