Guided Imagery and Visualization Exercises

Many of my clients enjoy engaging in mindful moments of visualization and guided imagery.

Taking a few meditative moments can be helpful to ground, calm, and better engage our focus throughout the day. I have recorded some go-to and favorites that I use in session, and offer them here for clients and others to try. Meditation and mindfulness is best practiced with some guidance of a professional, to help handle any distress, discomfort, or vulnerabilities that come up during the process. If any of these are dysregulating, please stop and consult with your therapist.

Container (5m 8s)

In this visualization exercise, we create a container to hold tension, distressing thoughts, feelings, or memories that you don’t want to carry into the next part of your day.

Safe Calm Place (7m 14s)

This guided imagery meditation is great to promote feelings of calmness, and ground yourself in feelings of safety and comfort. Once your safe calm place is established, you can visit it over and over again for quick relaxation.

Compassion and Adult Awareness (6m 39s)

If you want to ground in your adult self, and offer compassion toward a vulnerability, this might be a great choice. (Adapted from the Adult Interactive Awareness meditation developed by AIR Network.)

Check out this post for another great meditation to help train you system to calm down “on-demand.”

Looking for other tips to regulate? Check out this post, and the rest of my blog!

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