Memes have value.  They are an inherently social act.  They can make us laugh, help us feel connected, and give us an outlet for creative expression.

It’s been a heavy few weeks (months, years?), so when I thought about writing a blog post today, I wanted to do something a little more lighthearted.  The following are a few of the therapy-related memes I’ve come across the most often.  For extra fun, I read into them a little too much, generalize their message, and talk and how they might relate to your therapy journey.


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Therapy is generally helpful for people.  It’s even more effective when combined with other outlets and support networks.  For a lot of us, our online communities are important components of our socialization, and help us feel connected, understood, and accepted by others.  Venting online is not a replacement for therapy, just like therapy is not a replacement for venting online.  So, the best plan?  Have two best friends!

Humor based on pain


Using humor to survive is a high level coping skill.  Laughing can release endorphins, and help elevate our mood (at least temporarily).  I think humor is also an important part of therapy.  It can ease tension, provide insights, and build rapport.  A lot of my clients appreciate being able to bring their humor into therapy, and to use it as a point of connection with me, and with their story.

I’m fine


You get to decide what you share in therapy.  There’s a joke in the therapy world that “fine” stands for “Fucked up, Insecure, Nervous, and Emotional.”  Sometimes you’re just not comfortable enough with your therapist to share things.  Sometimes it might feel like you’re being judged.  Sometimes you might be worried about being honest because you think your therapist will be disappointed in you.  These are all things you can tell your therapist.  And if you really are doing fine, that’s great!  Share your successes and what helped the week feel okay.

Therapy is easy?


A lot of people think therapy is just sitting in a room and talking to someone.  How hard can that really be?  In reality, while of course therapy usually involves sitting in a room talking to someone, there is a lot more to it than that.  Therapy requires stamina, motivation, and follow-through.  It’s vulnerable to open up and share things about our thoughts, feelings, and experiences.  Growth, insight, and self-betterment can be painful.  It’s hard to reflect, acknowledge our challenges, and make the choice to change things.  It’s also worth it.

Good therapist?


Not every therapist works well with every client.  Therapists are people (of course!), and we have personalities, interests, and skills that are going mesh better with some people more than others.  Sometimes therapists refer clients who could get better care from someone else, and sometimes clients decide a certain therapist is just not the right fit.  That’s okay!  Talk to your therapist about your concerns.  We want the best for our clients, even if that means they need to work with someone else.

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Ready to do something about your mental health other than just liking an endless stream of memes?  Reach out today to make an appointment.  I want to meet you!

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