Don’t wait until you take a crit hit to engage in mental health care.

Hand dropping Rubik's Cube shaped coffee cup with comic book effects. Ashley sees people for therapy in Minneapolis.

The way that healthcare is presented and treated in America is in a very reactionary way.  We wait until we’re sick or having problems to think about it.  We don’t generally go to the doctor when we’re feeling fine.  What could possibly be the point of that?  Though the adage might be, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” our systems do not follow that wisdom.

I, for one, am in total agreement with that prevention philosophy, and see its place in mental healthcare as well.  For example, is it not better to avoid a mental health crisis, if and when possible?  Of course not every mental health crisis ends in disaster or mortal devastation (despite what the stigma and news try to imply).  However, every mental health crisis and challenge does take a toll.  They can be stressful and overwhelming, and require a lot of resources.  They can be a drain on finances and time, not to mention physical and emotional resources, and the impact on family, friends, and caregivers.  Prevention can reduce or eliminate those consequences.

And, prevention isn’t just to avoid a crisis!  Going to therapy, and being aware of our mental health before we’re in a place of challenge, pain, or suffering is a great strategy to avoid those deep lows in the first place.  It can help us feel more balanced, focused, and sure of ourselves when facing day-to-day challenges, and striving toward our goals.  The mole hill doesn’t have to become a mountain if we’re prepared, feeling good, and have the support we need.  The critical hits won’t take us down as quickly if we increase our mental HP.

Let’s be a part of the generation that changes the way we approach mental health care, and embrace a prevention outlook.  Make mental health care just another part of your wellness routine.  If you do, you’ll see the ways it can help you grow, and live more fully and freely, while also feeling more intentional, focused, and in control.

If you are looking for a mental health tune up, or are ready to work on buffing up your mental health baseline, reach out for a free consultation, or to schedule an appointment today.

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